A Unique Experience

I am a Norwegian concert pianist living in Denmark.

My recordings has only now been released internationally and I am thrilled that they have received such spectacular reviews.

Since my debut concert twenty years ago, I have been living a quiet life with my wife and three daughters. I have been playing recitals every year, though, mostly in Scandinavia, all the time having something to prepare, trying to develop as a musician and getting deeper into the music. I always feel that I can become a better musician; it takes a lifetime to understand music, as Mitsuko Ushida recently stated.

Having a life in music is extremely important to me. I feel that I have a close contact to the music that is only getting deeper by the years. It is a great pleasure for me to be able to play any piano music I want, and I hope I bring it as much sensitivity as possible. I think now is the right time for me to start working internationally. For the first time I feel ready.

To get in close touch with classical music, it needs full attention, something that is rare in the modern world, but I think it is important for people not to forget to immerse themselves in the arts; modern life is increasingly superficial. If you really get into music, it can give you an experience that enriches your life—and what is more important than that?

You can read more about my life in music in my essay “A Pianist’s Thoughts on Practice, Playing and Recording” that will be published in Fanfare Magazine in July 2017 and is now available here on my “Essay” page.

Musical background
At the age of 6 I started listening to classical piano music on my father’s record player, and dreamt about playing this music one day. I started to get lessons at 8, and at 10 I was a finalist in my first piano competition.

I studied piano at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with Tom Ernst and in the Soloist Class with José Ribera, at the Tchakovsky Conservatory in Moscow with Tatjana Nicolayeva and Naum Starkmann and later with Jiri Hlinka in Oslo.

I have performed with orchestras, appeared on radio and television; participated in music festivals and have given numerous recitals.

When playing music, the most important thing for me is to play from the heart – to express true feelings in a simple way that doesn´t disturb the natural flow and form of the music.

I hope you enjoy my website!

New CD release

“What really puts this version up amongst the greats is the “Scarbo,” amongst the most purely musical on disc.” Colin Clarke

“He could play in any major musical capital and win the enthusiastic approval of audiences.” Huntley Dent

“He has a way of getting inside the music to elucidate the extra-musical imagery behind the notes.” Jerry Dubins

“Eide’s pianism takes on an electrifying edge that makes this recording exceptional.” Martin Anderson



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